For“Feature film, series, documentary, and documentary series”
Meet at least two out of four criteria in Zone A
For“Animated feature film and animated series”
Meet at least one out of four criteria in Zone A, and at least 1 out of two criteria in Zone B
Adaptation from texts
Adapted from texts (illustrations, essays, fictions, comics, historical investigation reports, non-fiction novels, etc.) about Taiwanese themes or by Taiwanese authors.
Story concept
Original Taiwanese stories around social issues, historical incidents, news events, personal experiences, etc.
Creative team
Director, producer, or screenplay writer is a ROC citizen, Permanent Residency (Plum Blossom) Card holder, or Employment Gold Card holder.
Character setting
Mandarin, Hokkien, Hakka, Cantonese, and indigenous languages used in Taiwan account for more than one third of conversations in the screenplay.
Animation art & design
Over half of animation art & design team members are ROC citizens. The team is composed of:
Art Director
Production Designer
Film Editor
Head of Story
Story/Storyboard artist
Concept Artist/Art Director/ visual development Artist
Character Design Artist
Environment/Set Design Artist
Animation & Special effect production
Over half of animation & special effect production team members are ROC citizens. The team is composed of:
Animation Supervisor
Senior/Key Animator
3D Visual Effects Supervisor
TAICCA retains final jurisdictions on “Taiwanese Elements”